Calendar Updates and Stake Sports Specialist’s Meeting 9/18

  • -We will be having our annual  HCC Sports meeting for all Stake Sports Specialists and High Council Representatives over Sports on September 18th at 5:00pm in connection with the Soccer Pre-Tournament meeting.
  • -Co-ed YM/YW, Men’s/Women Soccer Tournament dates are September 27, 28, 29, 30
  • -Men and YM Pre-Tournament volleyball meeting Oct. 30
  • -Men and YM Volleyball Tournament dates:  November 8, 9, 10, 15, 16
  • -YW Volleyball Pre Tournament Meeting Nov. 13th
  • -YW Volleyball Tournament: November 19th

This will consist of all the activities that we have planned through the end of the year 2016.

Please write these dates down, we will be handing out our 3 year calendars on the September 18th meeting so it will be important to have as many representatives to that meeting as possible.

HCC Softball Championship

The Olympus Men’s Stake Softball team once again defended their title from the last 3 years, to win their 4th straight HCC Softball Championship.

They defeated a strong team from the Holladay North Stake.  Special thanks goes out to all participants and the Stake Leaders that made this possible.


As always, thank you for your support!

Tracy H. Duckworth

2016 Dodgeball YM Champions

The Dodgeball Tournament concluded last night with the most fun activity that we do all year.  Congratulations to the following Young Men and their Dodgeball skills:IMG_3466 IMG_3462 IMG_3460

Deacons- Holladay Deacons fought through a difficult Pool Play and Championship Series to win the Deacons Championship. (Pictures attached)

Teachers- East Millcreek North Teachers Overcame difficult odds to outlast all the others in a very competitive series.

Priests- Mt. Olympus/EMC a combined team of Mt. Olympus and EMC came from the brink to win 3 games in a row to win the Championship

We had several YM that wanted to play but did not have Dodgeball played in their Stake so we put them on a team and everyone had a great time.

Thanks again for our host Stakes and their Sports Specialist for providing positive venues for these activities to take place.

Our final activity for the year, will be the YW Dodgeball tournament on Thursday April 28th at the Holladay North Stake. If you know of girls that

would like to play, please get a hold of Melinda Sorenson and she will get them in the tournament…

Many thanks,

Tracy H. Duckworth

Reminder: 4/17 Pre-Tournament Meeting for YM and YW at 6:00 pm

Reminder: Pre-Tournament Meeting for both YM and YW will be this Sunday April 17th 6:00 pm at the EMC building located at 3750 So. Hillside Lane (2600 East)

Those Stakes wishing to participate in the YM Tournament will need to get their team information to Randy Goodrich, the YW will need to get their participating information to Melinda Sorensen (, or Kelli Taylor, before this meeting. No more than 2 teams per Stake, per group. As I mentioned before, one Stake can have up to 8 teams participating if they fill all their spots.

-Deacons April 19th

-Teachers April 20th

-Priests April 21st

-Young Women April 28th

*We have been asked by our leaders to see if in the future, we can hold these Pre-Tournament meetings at another time other than Sunday night.  This will be the last HCC Meeting that will be held on a Sunday night.  We promise it will be short, concise, and that we will be out within 30 minutes.  Thank you for understanding.

Looking forward to a really fun tournament next week.

Tracy H. Duckworth

2016 Dodgeball Rules

We have received quite a few questions regarding the upcoming Dodgeball Tournament mainly concerning the rules that we will be following.

Below you will find the 2015 rules that we will be using for the upcoming 2016 Tournament if you have any questions, please feel free to email myself or one of the HCC leadership.

>>>2015 HCC Dodgeball Rules and Adaptations<<<

The HCC will be providing all balls and officials for the tournament.

Reminder: Pre-Tournament Meeting for both YM and YW will be this Sunday April 17th 6:00 pm at the EMC building located at 3750 So. Hillside Lane (2600 East)

No more than 2 teams per Stake.

So a Stake can send:

  • 2-Deacons teams
  • 2-Teachers teams
  • 2-Priests team
  • 2- Young Women’s teams

  • -Deacons April 19th
  • -Teachers April 20th
  • -Priests April 21st
  • -Young Women April 28th


Many thanks,

Tracy H. Duckworth

Dodgeball Season!

What a great time of year, not only is the weather turning but we will be having our most anticipated activity of the season: DODGEBALL!!

We will be having a Pre-Tournament Meeting next Sunday April 17th at 6:00pm for the YM and YW stake sports specialists.

The meeting will be at the EMC building located at 3750 So. Hillside Lane (2600 East)  We will discuss rules and have team

assignments.  Please let Randy Goodrich, Kelli Taylor or Melinda Sorenson know how many teams will be participating from

Your Stake.  Also, please let us know if you can host one or more nights of the Tournament.

  • -Deacons April 19th
  • -Teachers April 20th
  • -Priests April 21st
  • -YW April 28th (this is a change from my last email, I had read the wrong date)

Each stake must have a representative at this meeting in order to participate.

Thanks again for all your support and Good Luck!

Tracy H. Duckworth

YW and Women’s Basketball Champions

We would like to congratulate the Young Women’s and Women’s Basketball Champions for 2016.

Last night the YW concluded the HCC Basketball Tournament with some very exciting games:

-In the end East Millcreek YW defeated a solid team from Mt. Olympus to win the championship. 

-And Last week in our Women’s tournament, the team from Holladay North defeated a scrappy bunch also from Mt. Olympus.

This has been a very successful tournament for the YW and the Women, considering we didn’t have any women’s teams just 2 years ago.  This year we had 5 teams participate and all had a good experience.  Many of the YW leaders in the HCC have taken sports as a serious reactivation tool to help some of their less active and non-member girls have a positive church experience.  I was told of a YW team in Canyon Rim that had 9 players on the team 7 of which were less active or non-members.  This is exactly why our prophets have felt the need to continue our sports programs. Allowing those who currently do not participate in church activities  have some connection to the church that they may eventually come back to.  I know there are many within your stake and ward boundaries that would participate in sports activities if given a chance, I have personally heard from some of them.  For those of you taking an active role in the sports programs of your Stake, Thank You, the experiences that I have witnessed attest to the fact that this program is working.

A special thanks to Kelli Taylor and Melinda Sorenson, who organized and directed the YW tournament and to Marie Goddard who organized the Women’s tournament.  Jim Lindsley organized the officials as well as all the hosts of each venue thank you for your support of the HCC!

Reminder: Dodgeball

YM: Deacons April 14, Teachers April 15, Priests April 16

YW: April 23rd

We will not be having a 5K this year because of the myriad of 5K’s that are available during that time around the valley.

As always, thank your for supporting the HCC Sports Program

Tracy H. Duckworth

Men’s and Young Men’s Basketball

On Friday we completed the Men’s/YM tournament with the Priests and Senior games:

-Priests: The Wilford Priests defeated a scrappy Holladay North team to win their championship.

-Seniors: East Millcreek defeated Canyon Rim in a highly competitive battle. 

Congratulations to all the participants who helped make this year’s tournament the best ever!

Reminder: Tonight we have the Women’s tournament going on at the Olympus Stake building on 3070 Nila Way (approx. 4200 so.) These games are at 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00 pm.  The tournament will continue on Thursday night at the Holladay North Stake.  This year we have 5 teams participating, thanks to Marie Goddard for heading this up for us.

YW Tournament also starts this Saturday (tournament schedule attached) Special thanks to Kelli Taylor and Melinda Sorenson for putting this together as well as all the YW sports specialists in organizing a great program.  I have heard from many YW within our council that would like to participate in these sports programs but have not heard of what we do?  We hope that all YW leaders would give their girls the opportunity to participate even if it means combining wards together to form a team.  We would hope that all who would like to play have the opportunity to do so…


Thanks again for all your support, this is really “MARCH MADNESS”

Tracy H. Duckworth