2016 Dodgeball YM Champions

The Dodgeball Tournament concluded last night with the most fun activity that we do all year.  Congratulations to the following Young Men and their Dodgeball skills:IMG_3466 IMG_3462 IMG_3460

Deacons- Holladay Deacons fought through a difficult Pool Play and Championship Series to win the Deacons Championship. (Pictures attached)

Teachers- East Millcreek North Teachers Overcame difficult odds to outlast all the others in a very competitive series.

Priests- Mt. Olympus/EMC a combined team of Mt. Olympus and EMC came from the brink to win 3 games in a row to win the Championship

We had several YM that wanted to play but did not have Dodgeball played in their Stake so we put them on a team and everyone had a great time.

Thanks again for our host Stakes and their Sports Specialist for providing positive venues for these activities to take place.

Our final activity for the year, will be the YW Dodgeball tournament on Thursday April 28th at the Holladay North Stake. If you know of girls that

would like to play, please get a hold of Melinda Sorenson and she will get them in the tournament…

Many thanks,

Tracy H. Duckworth