Dodgeball Season!

What a great time of year, not only is the weather turning but we will be having our most anticipated activity of the season: DODGEBALL!!

We will be having a Pre-Tournament Meeting next Sunday April 17th at 6:00pm for the YM and YW stake sports specialists.

The meeting will be at the EMC building located at 3750 So. Hillside Lane (2600 East)  We will discuss rules and have team

assignments.  Please let Randy Goodrich, Kelli Taylor or Melinda Sorenson know how many teams will be participating from

Your Stake.  Also, please let us know if you can host one or more nights of the Tournament.

  • -Deacons April 19th
  • -Teachers April 20th
  • -Priests April 21st
  • -YW April 28th (this is a change from my last email, I had read the wrong date)

Each stake must have a representative at this meeting in order to participate.

Thanks again for all your support and Good Luck!

Tracy H. Duckworth