2018 Dodgeball Rules, court layout, and officiating

I have had several individuals reach out to me regarding Dodgeball, the rules, the court layout, and how to officiate.  I have included all of the guidelines which we will be using for tournament play in this email.  We will be having our tournament broken down to Deacons, Teachers, Priests, YW, and Women. As I have mentioned before, in most cases, an entire Stake tournament can be played in just one night!  (that includes YM and YW)

It is the best way to invite less active and non-member friends to come and have a fun experience without the pressure some may feel with other church activities. Everyone can participate, you don’t have to be an athlete to have success or to have fun!


Please take advantage of this as a fellowshipping opportunity within your youth groups!

Reminder, our Dodgeball tournament for the YM, YW, and women will be played next month in a one night tournament for each group:

  • Deacons: Tuesday, April 17
  • Teachers: Wednesday, April 18
  • Priests: Thursday April 19
  • YW: Thursday April 26
  • Womens: Thursday May 3

Tracy H. Duckworth

YW and Women’s Basketball Champions

Congratulations goes out to the YW and women’s champions for the HCC Basketball Tournament!!

-Last Thursday the YW completed their tournament and the East Millcreek North Stake came out victorious in a hard fought battle. 

-While the Women completed their Tournament last night with Holladay North squeaking by a pesky team from Holladay South 

Thanks goes out to Marla Ence and Lisa VanTussenbroek for putting together and running the YW tournament, and to Diane Snyder who was able to have 4 teams competing for the women’s championship.  As always to Jim Lindsley for having some excellent officials watching over and managing the play.

Reminder, our Dodgeball tournament for the YM, YW, and women will be played next month in a one night tournament for each group:

  • DeaconsTuesday, April 17
  • TeachersWednesday, April 18
  • PriestsThursday April 19
  • YWThursday April 26
  • WomensThursday May 3

Most stake tournaments can be played in just one night, we would suggest that you take advantage of the most inclusive of all our sports.  Please take the opportunity and make it available to all the wards in your stake members, less actives, and non-members. If you do, you will have one of the best activities of the year….

Good Luck!

Tracy H. Duckworth

YM/Men Basketball Champions; YW Women’s Tournament Info

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The 2018 YM/Men’s basketball tournament has come to a conclusion with some outstanding playing from all areas of the YM and Men’s organizations.  One of our goals for this tournament is for all to feel welcome including the less active and non-members of the church.  We were very fortunate to have many who are not of our faith, yet within the boundaries of each Stake participate in this years tournament.  As you know our goal is not about winning and losing, but for everyone to come together and have a good experience while drawing nearer to the Savior.  I think we were able to accomplish that this year, in addition to getting some of us off of the couch and exercising in a fun and competitive environment.

Congratulations goes out to: (Pictures attached)

Deacons of the Holladay North Stake #2 team

Teachers also of the Holladay North Stake #1 team

Priests of the EMC Stake #1 team

Seniors of the EMC Stake

Veterans of the Holladay North Stake

A special thanks goes out to Cary Goodrich for putting the brackets and tournament together, for all of the building hosts for working with us and providing your time and support in making this tournament a success. We would like to especially thank Jim Lindsley and his team for providing some excellent officials that really make this tournament run smoothly and effectively, without them I would hate to see what the result would be.

The YW tournament final will be this Thursday at 7:00pm at the Canyon Rim Stake Center between Holladay North Stake #1 and EMC North #2.  We invite all to come out and watch.

Our Women’s tournament will be Thursday the 22nd at 6:30 at the Holladay North Stake.

Tracy H. Duckworth

2018 Basketball Pre Tournament

Our Pre-Tournament meeting for the men/YM will be Sunday  February 25th at the East Millcreek Ward building, North side, located at 3750 South Hillside Lane (2600 East) at 5:00pm. The Tournament begins March 3rd. We hope to see you all there to discuss the rules and receive the schedules for the tournament.

-For the Women and YW the Pre-Tournament Meeting will be Sunday March 4th and will be held in the building just east of Olympus High School at 6:00pm.  On the corner of Lincoln Lane and Camille with the tournament beginning on the 10th.  Marla and Lisa will be in touch for the YW tournament building availability and Diane Snyder will be running the women’s tournament.

2018 Basketball Tournament Update

As a reminder:

-Pre-Tournament meeting for the men/YM will be on February 25th with the Tournament beginning on March 3rd. Cary Goodrich will in in touch with many of you in the next week or so to confirm the availability of your buildings for the tournament.

-For the Women and YW the Pre-Tournament Meeting will be on March 11th with the tournament beginning on the 17th.  Marla and Lisa will be in touch for the YW tournament building availability and Diane Snyder will be running the women’s tournament.

-As always, if any YM or YW have participated on the high school basketball team at any time during this past season, they are not eligible to participate in the HCC Tournament.  It seems like every year we have a problem with this, so if you would please pass this along to all of your Stake Sports Specialists it would be greatly appreciated.  Jr. High School players are not restricted by these same High School rules, so they can participate.

-Also participation is to be within your own stake boundaries unless we have non-members playing.

-If you are not having a basketball season in your Stake and still have some ward teams that would like to participate, please let Cary, Marla, Lisa or Diane know that you will be having teams representing your stake.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in the next several weeks, please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about your season or questions about the tournament.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all  of the Holladay Coordinating Council,

I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding year in sports for 2017 in the HCC.  Sports is one way that we can keep our youth (as well as ourselves) active and away from the social media, television, and other sedentary activities that seem to penetrate every part of our lives.  I have once again included a current organizational chart and 3 year calendar that shows the 5 sports that we host tournaments for as well as those on the council.

I need to ask a favor from each of you, would you please send the calendar and organizational chart to every YM, Elders, YW and Relief Society leader in your wards and stakes.  Our biggest complaint we receive is that the people who want to participate (member and non-members) are unaware of dates or even that we have sporting activities.  We have enough turnover in the church that many who are in new callings are also unaware of these programs.

Thank you for all that you do!

Enjoy your Holidays and we will see you next year!

Tracy H. Duckworth

Sr. Portfolio Manager

Vice President

Financial Advisor

2017 HCC YM/YW Soccer Tournament

Attached are the tournament brackets for the 2017 HCC soccer tournament starting this Tuesday September 26.

2017 HCC YM_YW Soccer Tournament (PDF)

A few tournament rules and reminders:

– Rosters are required for this tournament with participant’s signature, bishop’s signature, and signature of a parent or guardian for each YM and YW.

– For stakes that entered two teams, I designated them as 1st and 2nd place. If your stake is sending two teams and you didn’t have league play or a stake tournament to determine placement, get together and decide which team will play as 1st and which as 2nd place.

– As requested, I scheduled games so the seniors weren’t playing at the same time as the youth which means adult games are later the first two nights.

– Games start on the hour with a forfeit declared at 5 minutes after if not enough players.

– Games are two 20 minute halves with a 5 minute half time. If a game is tied after regulation, a five minute extra period will be played in which the first team to score wins. Shootout if still tied after the extra period.

– Substitutions: Player notifies Assistant Referee or Linesman, AR notifies Referee, Referee signals in player. Player must enter at center line.

– No sliding – penalty is an indirect kick for the other team.

– 7 players minimum on the field and 10 max.

– No toe cleats or metal cleats

– No jewelry

– Shin guards are required for each player.

– Players can only play for one team. If your team loses, you’re done. No playing for any other team still in the tournament.

See you at the tournament,