YW and Women’s Basketball Champions

We would like to congratulate the Young Women’s and Women’s Basketball Champions for 2016.

Last night the YW concluded the HCC Basketball Tournament with some very exciting games:

-In the end East Millcreek YW defeated a solid team from Mt. Olympus to win the championship. 

-And Last week in our Women’s tournament, the team from Holladay North defeated a scrappy bunch also from Mt. Olympus.

This has been a very successful tournament for the YW and the Women, considering we didn’t have any women’s teams just 2 years ago.  This year we had 5 teams participate and all had a good experience.  Many of the YW leaders in the HCC have taken sports as a serious reactivation tool to help some of their less active and non-member girls have a positive church experience.  I was told of a YW team in Canyon Rim that had 9 players on the team 7 of which were less active or non-members.  This is exactly why our prophets have felt the need to continue our sports programs. Allowing those who currently do not participate in church activities  have some connection to the church that they may eventually come back to.  I know there are many within your stake and ward boundaries that would participate in sports activities if given a chance, I have personally heard from some of them.  For those of you taking an active role in the sports programs of your Stake, Thank You, the experiences that I have witnessed attest to the fact that this program is working.

A special thanks to Kelli Taylor and Melinda Sorenson, who organized and directed the YW tournament and to Marie Goddard who organized the Women’s tournament.  Jim Lindsley organized the officials as well as all the hosts of each venue thank you for your support of the HCC!

Reminder: Dodgeball

YM: Deacons April 14, Teachers April 15, Priests April 16

YW: April 23rd

We will not be having a 5K this year because of the myriad of 5K’s that are available during that time around the valley.

As always, thank your for supporting the HCC Sports Program

Tracy H. Duckworth