Men’s and Young Men’s Basketball

On Friday we completed the Men’s/YM tournament with the Priests and Senior games:

-Priests: The Wilford Priests defeated a scrappy Holladay North team to win their championship.

-Seniors: East Millcreek defeated Canyon Rim in a highly competitive battle. 

Congratulations to all the participants who helped make this year’s tournament the best ever!

Reminder: Tonight we have the Women’s tournament going on at the Olympus Stake building on 3070 Nila Way (approx. 4200 so.) These games are at 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00 pm.  The tournament will continue on Thursday night at the Holladay North Stake.  This year we have 5 teams participating, thanks to Marie Goddard for heading this up for us.

YW Tournament also starts this Saturday (tournament schedule attached) Special thanks to Kelli Taylor and Melinda Sorenson for putting this together as well as all the YW sports specialists in organizing a great program.  I have heard from many YW within our council that would like to participate in these sports programs but have not heard of what we do?  We hope that all YW leaders would give their girls the opportunity to participate even if it means combining wards together to form a team.  We would hope that all who would like to play have the opportunity to do so…


Thanks again for all your support, this is really “MARCH MADNESS”

Tracy H. Duckworth