Reminder: 4/17 Pre-Tournament Meeting for YM and YW at 6:00 pm

Reminder: Pre-Tournament Meeting for both YM and YW will be this Sunday April 17th 6:00 pm at the EMC building located at 3750 So. Hillside Lane (2600 East)

Those Stakes wishing to participate in the YM Tournament will need to get their team information to Randy Goodrich, the YW will need to get their participating information to Melinda Sorensen (, or Kelli Taylor, before this meeting. No more than 2 teams per Stake, per group. As I mentioned before, one Stake can have up to 8 teams participating if they fill all their spots.

-Deacons April 19th

-Teachers April 20th

-Priests April 21st

-Young Women April 28th

*We have been asked by our leaders to see if in the future, we can hold these Pre-Tournament meetings at another time other than Sunday night.  This will be the last HCC Meeting that will be held on a Sunday night.  We promise it will be short, concise, and that we will be out within 30 minutes.  Thank you for understanding.

Looking forward to a really fun tournament next week.

Tracy H. Duckworth