2018 Dodgeball Rules, court layout, and officiating

I have had several individuals reach out to me regarding Dodgeball, the rules, the court layout, and how to officiate.  I have included all of the guidelines which we will be using for tournament play in this email.  We will be having our tournament broken down to Deacons, Teachers, Priests, YW, and Women. As I have mentioned before, in most cases, an entire Stake tournament can be played in just one night!  (that includes YM and YW)

It is the best way to invite less active and non-member friends to come and have a fun experience without the pressure some may feel with other church activities. Everyone can participate, you don’t have to be an athlete to have success or to have fun!


Please take advantage of this as a fellowshipping opportunity within your youth groups!

Reminder, our Dodgeball tournament for the YM, YW, and women will be played next month in a one night tournament for each group:

  • Deacons: Tuesday, April 17
  • Teachers: Wednesday, April 18
  • Priests: Thursday April 19
  • YW: Thursday April 26
  • Womens: Thursday May 3

Tracy H. Duckworth