Holladay South Stake Youth Soccer Tournament Results!

We want to thank each and every one of you for supporting Wednesday’s Stake Youth Soccer Tournament!! We couldn’t stop commenting on how many people were there and how much fun everyone had!!

After a fun first round of play we had a tight game between the 8th and 14th wards to determine who would play the 4th ward in the championship game. The score was 1-1 when time ran out so we moved to ‘sudden death’ play. After just a couple of minutes of overtime play the 8th ward kicked in the ‘golden goal’ to win! The championship game between the 8th and 4th wards was a tough battle, but the 4th ward emerged as our stake champ!! Both the 4th and 8th wards will be playing in the Region Tournament that begins this coming Tuesday. Congrats!

Thank you again for all of your support! And feel free to share any of the pictures we took with your ward.

Meghan Bailey and Brady Barker
Stake Sports Specialists

Troy Bengtzen
Stake High Councilor over sports

Annual HCC Sports Meeting

We will be having our annual HCC Sports Meeting this Sunday at 6:00 pm at the Holladay South Stake center.  This meeting is for all Stake Athletic Directors (Men/Women) and the Stake High Council representatives over sports.  I will be passing out our updated 3 year calendars, as well as the HCC Sports Organization Chart with names, email, and phone numbers of those who are currently serving in the HCC. Again, if you cannot make this meeting, please send someone in your place so that they can pass this information on to the members of you Stake.


Holladay South Stake

4917 South Viewmont St.

6:00 pm


Many thanks,

Tracy H. Duckworth

2017 Softball Champions

Congratulations to the Olympus 3rd  ward (Olympus Stake) for taking the HCC Softball Championship for the 5th year in a row!!!

They once again beat the feisty team from Holladay North to win their unprecedented 5th straight tournament. (Picture attached)

As a reminder Soccer should be starting soon if you haven’t already, we will be having our tournament on September 26, 27, 28, 29.

This is a co-ed tournament for both YM/YW and Men/Women, each team will be required to have a minimum of 4 men and 4 women on the field at all times.

September 17th 6:30 pm will be our annual HCC Meeting for all High Council representatives and Stake Athletic Directors.  This is our only meeting

of the year. I would encourage all of you to please put this on your calendar.  You will have the opportunity to hear from all those on the

HCC Committee, we are here to help you run your programs and help you succeed.


See you then!

Tracy H. Duckworth

Portfolio Manager

Vice President

Updates and upcoming Softball Tournament

MEN’s” Softball Tournament on August 5, 8, 9, 10, 11

Pre-Tournament Meeting on July 30.

For those who are not currently participating in a Stake League but would like to send a Stake team to try to knock off the mighty Olympus Stake (currently 4 time HCC Softball Champions). Please let Randy Goodrich brgoodrich@gmail.com 801/867-7113 know before the Pre-Tournament meeting on the 30th.

Upcoming Events:

  • -HCC Annual Meeting   September 16th
  • -Co-ed Soccer Pre-Tournament Meeting September 16
  • -Soccer Tournament September 26, 27, 28, 29
  • -Men’s and YM Volleyball Pre-Tournament Meeting Oct. 28
  • -Men’s and YM Volleyball Tournament Nov. 6, 7, 8, 13, 14
  • -Women’s and YW Pre-Tournament Meeting Nov. 11
  • -Women’s and YW Volleyball Tournament Nov. 17

Men’s, YM, Women’s, and YW Basketball

On Friday we completed the Men’s/YM tournament with the Priests and Senior games:

  • Priests: The Holladay Priests defeated a scrappy Wilford team to win their championship by one point.
  • Seniors: Canyon Rim in a highly competitive battle defeated a great team from Olympus .

Congratulations to all the participants who helped make this year’s tournament the best ever!

Reminder: Thursday night we have the Women’s tournament going on at 6:00 pm at the Holladay North Stake building on 4395 So. Albright Dr. (2145 E).  This year we have 4-5 teams participating, thanks to Marie Goddard for heading this up for us.  If you know of any women whowould like to pla

YW Tournament also starts this Saturday (tournament schedule below) Special thanks to Marla Ence and Lisa Vantussenbroek for putting this together as well as all the YW sports specialists in organizing a great program.  I have heard from many YW within our council that would like to participate in these sports programs but have not heard of what we do?  We hope that all YW leaders would give their girls the opportunity to participate even if it means combining wards together to form a team.  We would hope that all who would like to play have the opportunity to do so…

Thanks a
gain for all your support, this is really “MARCH MADNESS”

HCC March Madness

Wow, what a crazy week, we will have played 65 games in 11 different buildings with countless officials, score keepers, High Council Representatives, coaches, players and fans enjoying some great play and having lots of fun.  All 13  stakes participated in this year’s tournament, We would like to thank ALL those who have contributed in its success.  It is clearly a team effort, and we recognize that none of this could be possible without your support of HCC programs.  Our goal for the HCC sports program has always been “to bring all those who participate, closer to our Savior”.  It has really made a difference this year, we appreciate all of you who recognize what this program is all about.

We can’t thank all of you enough for the support we receive from you and your auxiliary leaders, has been nothing less than excellent. I would also like to extend a special thanks to Jim Lindsley and Randy Goodrich who put the tournament together, organized the venues and provided solid well experienced officials that made for smooth well run games.

We have our first 3 winners of the HCC Basketball Tournament that were completed last night.

  • Deacons:  Holladay South Defeated a sharp shooting group from Olympus.
  • Teacher:   Holladay North representing Valley View 9th ward escaped with a hard fought battle against their local foe also from Holladay North 8th ward.
  • Veterans: Holladay North representing Valley View 8th defeated Holladay North’s other team.

Congratulations to them and their efforts.  Tonight we will have the Championship of the Priests and Seniors at the Valley View Stake.  These should be very competitive and exciting games, please come watch if you can make it for a funFriday night.

  • 6:00 Priests: Holladay 1  plays Wilford
  • 7:00 Seniors: Canyon Rim 1 plays Olympus 2

Final reminders:

Sunday, March 12th is the Pre-Tournament meeting for the Women/YW, it will be held at the EMC North Stake Center 6:00 pm, 3408 Celeste Way. Please enter the north door.

-Thursday March 16th the Women’s tournament will be played (depending on the number of teams) it will be held at the Holladay North Stake Center beginning at 6:00pm. (contact Marie Goddard with questions 801/330-3032)

-YW Tournament March 18, 21, 22, 23.  If you haven’t done so already please get with Marla or Lisa and let them know how many teams will be participating from your Stake

-HCC Dodgeball Tournament     YM – April 18, 19, 20th.  Please plan on sending teams, this is the most enjoyable tournament that we hold all year!

                                                      YW – April 27th

Thanks again for your support of the Holladay Coordinating Council (HCC)

Tracy H. Duckworth

Updated Basketball Schedules (LOCATION CHANGES!!)

Hello everyone,

We have made it through the first day of the HCC Basketball Tournament, other than a few forfeits things went along very smoothly.  I have included updated schedules for all teams as well as an updated HCC Organizational chart for your reference that has all our numbers and email addresses for your convenience.

Please be aware of a venue change for the Tuesday Deacons and Priests games, The Deacons 6:00 & 7:00 games will not be held at the Olympus gym but at the Wilford gym located at 1765 E. 3080 S.  Also the Priests 8:00 & 9:00 games will be at the Wilford gym.  Please call me with any questions. 801/455-1118

Please make sure you are in contact with your coaches and teams so that we won’t have any confusion.

Good Luck!

Tracy H. Duckworth