YM/Men Basketball Champions; YW Women’s Tournament Info

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The 2018 YM/Men’s basketball tournament has come to a conclusion with some outstanding playing from all areas of the YM and Men’s organizations.  One of our goals for this tournament is for all to feel welcome including the less active and non-members of the church.  We were very fortunate to have many who are not of our faith, yet within the boundaries of each Stake participate in this years tournament.  As you know our goal is not about winning and losing, but for everyone to come together and have a good experience while drawing nearer to the Savior.  I think we were able to accomplish that this year, in addition to getting some of us off of the couch and exercising in a fun and competitive environment.

Congratulations goes out to: (Pictures attached)

Deacons of the Holladay North Stake #2 team

Teachers also of the Holladay North Stake #1 team

Priests of the EMC Stake #1 team

Seniors of the EMC Stake

Veterans of the Holladay North Stake

A special thanks goes out to Cary Goodrich for putting the brackets and tournament together, for all of the building hosts for working with us and providing your time and support in making this tournament a success. We would like to especially thank Jim Lindsley and his team for providing some excellent officials that really make this tournament run smoothly and effectively, without them I would hate to see what the result would be.

The YW tournament final will be this Thursday at 7:00pm at the Canyon Rim Stake Center between Holladay North Stake #1 and EMC North #2.  We invite all to come out and watch.

Our Women’s tournament will be Thursday the 22nd at 6:30 at the Holladay North Stake.

Tracy H. Duckworth