2017 HCC YM/YW Soccer Tournament

Attached are the tournament brackets for the 2017 HCC soccer tournament starting this Tuesday September 26.

2017 HCC YM_YW Soccer Tournament (PDF)

A few tournament rules and reminders:

– Rosters are required for this tournament with participant’s signature, bishop’s signature, and signature of a parent or guardian for each YM and YW.

– For stakes that entered two teams, I designated them as 1st and 2nd place. If your stake is sending two teams and you didn’t have league play or a stake tournament to determine placement, get together and decide which team will play as 1st and which as 2nd place.

– As requested, I scheduled games so the seniors weren’t playing at the same time as the youth which means adult games are later the first two nights.

– Games start on the hour with a forfeit declared at 5 minutes after if not enough players.

– Games are two 20 minute halves with a 5 minute half time. If a game is tied after regulation, a five minute extra period will be played in which the first team to score wins. Shootout if still tied after the extra period.

– Substitutions: Player notifies Assistant Referee or Linesman, AR notifies Referee, Referee signals in player. Player must enter at center line.

– No sliding – penalty is an indirect kick for the other team.

– 7 players minimum on the field and 10 max.

– No toe cleats or metal cleats

– No jewelry

– Shin guards are required for each player.

– Players can only play for one team. If your team loses, you’re done. No playing for any other team still in the tournament.

See you at the tournament,