2017 Basketball Tournament

Hello Brethren,

We are very excited to announce the schedules for the 2017 HCC Men’s and YM’s Basketball Tournament.  We may have some slight modifications as a result of a team dropping out or in the event that either Olympus or Skyline make it to the State Basketball finals next Saturday March 4th.  We have never been willing to change our schedules in the past because of extenuating circumstances. However, we do understand that a “State Championship” does not come around very often, in addition to the fact that we have an abundance of buildings to choose from, we will be willing to “do our best” to try to work around if one or both of these teams make it to the finals on Saturday.

The Tournament schedules are:

If you were unable to attend our meeting, a few rules we that we talked about I believe bear repeating:

  1. We will be following the NFHS High School basketball rules for 2017
  2. All signed rosters must be completed and handed to one of the HCC members or table before teams may participate.
  3. Players living outside the Stake boundary must have Stake President approval before they can play and approved by a member of the HCC.
  4. Players may only participate on one team. For example, if a teachers team gets knocked out, those players cannot then go and play for the Deacon’s or Priest’s team that is still in the tournament.
  5. Any High School basketball player from 9th-12th grade that played for the High School team freshman, sophomore, JV, or varsity during this past season may not participate in this tournament.
  6. Those that played on the Jr. High basketball team are not under the same restrictions and can play.
  7. We will be playing 6 minute quarters with clock stopping on all dead balls.
  8. Forfiets will be after 5 minutes after the start of the game, a team may begin a game with 4 players, but must have 5 players before the 2nd quarter begins.

Games will begin at 8:00am Saturday morning March 4th, please double check the time and location where you will be playing and try to get there 10-15 minutes early so that we can get the rosters and paperwork completed.

Good luck,

Tracy H. Duckworth


2016 Volleyball Memories – Women’s & Young Women’s Results

What a great month of Volleyball we have had with all ages participating.  We have recently completed our Women’s and YW Volleyball Championships and would like to thank all those who participated and made these tournaments a success.  We know that it is the combined effort of all of you that makes this possible.  A special thanks to Marie Goddard, Marla Ence, Lisa VanTussenbroek, and Jim Lindsley who organized these tournament and ran it so successfully.

Women’s- Two teams from Holladay South Stake (new to the tournament) battled it out for the Volleyball Title this year.  We had over 100 women of all ages compete this year, it was our most successful women’s tournaments ever (30 games played). (photo’s attached and on the website at holladaysportscc.org)

YW- The YW from the Canyon Rim Stake also had two teams in the finals this year. In the end, the Canyon Rim 4th ward defeated the Canyon Rim 2nd in a great finals match. (Photos attached)

Congratulations to all the teams that made this year’s tournament a success!

Reminder: We will be having a Basketball Referee Training Session at the Winder Stake 4366 So. 1500 E. at 6:00pm on December 6th for both Men and Women.  . This will be our only officials training program of the year so if you have some officials that need some training, or would just like to brush up on some of the newer rules, please send them.  It will be well worth their time, the best basketball programs always have good officials that help keep things in check

Dates to be aware of:

  • 12/6/2016- Referee Training
  • 2/26/2017- Men’s and YM Pre-Tournament Basketball Meeting
  • 3/5,8,9,10,11/2017- Men’s and YM Basketball Tournament
  • 3/13/2017- YW Pre-Tournament Basketball Meeting
  • 3/16/2017- Women’s Basketball Tournament
  • 3/19,22,23,24/2017 YW Basketball Tournament

Tracy H. Duckworth

2016 Men’s & Young Men’s Volleyball Results

Congratulations to the Holladay North Stake who made a sweep in the Men’s and YM Volleyball Championships this week. 

Men’s- A solid men’s team from Holladay North fought a tough scrappy team from Canyon Rim to claim the 2016 HCC Men’s Volleyball Title.

YM– The YM Holladay North needed the “IF” games to finally claim victory from East Millcreek North in a very entertaining 2 hour match.

Congratulations to all the teams that made this year’s tournament a success!

Reminder: Tonight is the Women’s tournament begins at 6:00pm at the Holladay North Stake located at 4395 Albright Dr. (2145 E.)

YW – Tournament is Saturday with games beginning at 8:15am at the Holladay North and Olympus Stake Centers (schedule attached)

As always thank you for your support and efforts in moving this work along.

Tracy H. Duckworth

REMINDER: Volleyball Tournament Meeting October 30

Just a reminder,

In the upcoming weeks, we will be having our last Tournament of the year, Volleyball!  The Men’s and YM Pre-Volleyball Tournament Meeting will be THIS Sunday Oct. 30,  5:00 pm at the EMC building located at 3750 So. Hillside Lane (2600 East)  We promise to keep it short so that you can get back to your families.  If you have not let Randy Goodrich know about your participating teams, please let him know as soon as possible. (I know many of you have already reached out to him) His contact information is Randy Goodrich brgoodrich@gmail.com 801/867-7113.


-Pre-Tournament meeting for the men and YM will be Oct. 30. With games running from Nov. 8, 9, 10, 15, 16.  Details will be coming shortly about the meeting.

-Pre-Tournament meeting for the YW will take place Nov 13th, with the Tournament taking place on Saturday Nov. 19th.

-Our Women’s Tournament will take Nov. 17th at the Holladay North Stake.  Last year we had over 100 women playing in this one night tournament, a major success!

Thanks for helping us move this program along!

REMINDERS – Annual Meeting and Soccer Pre-Tournament

We just wanted to remind all of our High Council Representatives and Stake Sports Specialists about our Annual meeting this Sunday September 18th at 5:30pm at the Holladay South Stake located  4917 So. Viewmont Street.  This is the one time every year that we take the opportunity to lay out the upcoming 3 year calendar and review some of the activities that we have going forward.  We are excited to announce our new YW HCC leaders and connect with those who have recently been called.

We understand that your time is valuable, and that is why we only hold this once a year, please make the necessary arrangements to be there and if you are not able to attend, see if you can find someone who can take your place and pass the information out to you.  If you are no longer in your calling, would you please respond to me and let me know who has taken your place and I will make the appropriate adjustments.

Please review the planning calendar (PDF) that runs through 2017

Also, this time will also be used to hold the Soccer Pre-Tournament.