2017 Basketball Tournament

Hello Brethren,

We are very excited to announce the schedules for the 2017 HCC Men’s and YM’s Basketball Tournament.  We may have some slight modifications as a result of a team dropping out or in the event that either Olympus or Skyline make it to the State Basketball finals next Saturday March 4th.  We have never been willing to change our schedules in the past because of extenuating circumstances. However, we do understand that a “State Championship” does not come around very often, in addition to the fact that we have an abundance of buildings to choose from, we will be willing to “do our best” to try to work around if one or both of these teams make it to the finals on Saturday.

The Tournament schedules are:

If you were unable to attend our meeting, a few rules we that we talked about I believe bear repeating:

  1. We will be following the NFHS High School basketball rules for 2017
  2. All signed rosters must be completed and handed to one of the HCC members or table before teams may participate.
  3. Players living outside the Stake boundary must have Stake President approval before they can play and approved by a member of the HCC.
  4. Players may only participate on one team. For example, if a teachers team gets knocked out, those players cannot then go and play for the Deacon’s or Priest’s team that is still in the tournament.
  5. Any High School basketball player from 9th-12th grade that played for the High School team freshman, sophomore, JV, or varsity during this past season may not participate in this tournament.
  6. Those that played on the Jr. High basketball team are not under the same restrictions and can play.
  7. We will be playing 6 minute quarters with clock stopping on all dead balls.
  8. Forfiets will be after 5 minutes after the start of the game, a team may begin a game with 4 players, but must have 5 players before the 2nd quarter begins.

Games will begin at 8:00am Saturday morning March 4th, please double check the time and location where you will be playing and try to get there 10-15 minutes early so that we can get the rosters and paperwork completed.

Good luck,

Tracy H. Duckworth