REMINDER: Volleyball Tournament Meeting October 30

Just a reminder,

In the upcoming weeks, we will be having our last Tournament of the year, Volleyball!  The Men’s and YM Pre-Volleyball Tournament Meeting will be THIS Sunday Oct. 30,  5:00 pm at the EMC building located at 3750 So. Hillside Lane (2600 East)  We promise to keep it short so that you can get back to your families.  If you have not let Randy Goodrich know about your participating teams, please let him know as soon as possible. (I know many of you have already reached out to him) His contact information is Randy Goodrich 801/867-7113.


-Pre-Tournament meeting for the men and YM will be Oct. 30. With games running from Nov. 8, 9, 10, 15, 16.  Details will be coming shortly about the meeting.

-Pre-Tournament meeting for the YW will take place Nov 13th, with the Tournament taking place on Saturday Nov. 19th.

-Our Women’s Tournament will take Nov. 17th at the Holladay North Stake.  Last year we had over 100 women playing in this one night tournament, a major success!

Thanks for helping us move this program along!