Updated Basketball Schedules (LOCATION CHANGES!!)

Hello everyone,

We have made it through the first day of the HCC Basketball Tournament, other than a few forfeits things went along very smoothly.  I have included updated schedules for all teams as well as an updated HCC Organizational chart for your reference that has all our numbers and email addresses for your convenience.

Please be aware of a venue change for the Tuesday Deacons and Priests games, The Deacons 6:00 & 7:00 games will not be held at the Olympus gym but at the Wilford gym located at 1765 E. 3080 S.  Also the Priests 8:00 & 9:00 games will be at the Wilford gym.  Please call me with any questions. 801/455-1118

Please make sure you are in contact with your coaches and teams so that we won’t have any confusion.

Good Luck!

Tracy H. Duckworth