HCC March Madness

Wow, what a crazy week, we will have played 65 games in 11 different buildings with countless officials, score keepers, High Council Representatives, coaches, players and fans enjoying some great play and having lots of fun.  All 13  stakes participated in this year’s tournament, We would like to thank ALL those who have contributed in its success.  It is clearly a team effort, and we recognize that none of this could be possible without your support of HCC programs.  Our goal for the HCC sports program has always been “to bring all those who participate, closer to our Savior”.  It has really made a difference this year, we appreciate all of you who recognize what this program is all about.

We can’t thank all of you enough for the support we receive from you and your auxiliary leaders, has been nothing less than excellent. I would also like to extend a special thanks to Jim Lindsley and Randy Goodrich who put the tournament together, organized the venues and provided solid well experienced officials that made for smooth well run games.

We have our first 3 winners of the HCC Basketball Tournament that were completed last night.

  • Deacons:  Holladay South Defeated a sharp shooting group from Olympus.
  • Teacher:   Holladay North representing Valley View 9th ward escaped with a hard fought battle against their local foe also from Holladay North 8th ward.
  • Veterans: Holladay North representing Valley View 8th defeated Holladay North’s other team.

Congratulations to them and their efforts.  Tonight we will have the Championship of the Priests and Seniors at the Valley View Stake.  These should be very competitive and exciting games, please come watch if you can make it for a funFriday night.

  • 6:00 Priests: Holladay 1  plays Wilford
  • 7:00 Seniors: Canyon Rim 1 plays Olympus 2

Final reminders:

Sunday, March 12th is the Pre-Tournament meeting for the Women/YW, it will be held at the EMC North Stake Center 6:00 pm, 3408 Celeste Way. Please enter the north door.

-Thursday March 16th the Women’s tournament will be played (depending on the number of teams) it will be held at the Holladay North Stake Center beginning at 6:00pm. (contact Marie Goddard with questions 801/330-3032)

-YW Tournament March 18, 21, 22, 23.  If you haven’t done so already please get with Marla or Lisa and let them know how many teams will be participating from your Stake

-HCC Dodgeball Tournament     YM – April 18, 19, 20th.  Please plan on sending teams, this is the most enjoyable tournament that we hold all year!

                                                      YW – April 27th

Thanks again for your support of the Holladay Coordinating Council (HCC)

Tracy H. Duckworth