Congratulations to the Olympus Stake #1

2015_Olympus1TeamCongratulations to the Olympus Stake #1 team, they came from behind to beat the Olympus #2 team in a great HCC Men’s Softball Tournament (3 years in a row).  We had 16 teams participate this year and really had some great efforts and a lot of fun by all those who participated.  We had some stakes participate that did not have a stake softball tournament but had some people that wanted to play softball so they put a team together and had a great time.  Stake Sports Specialists, we are not trying to stack teams, but if you have some people that want to play but you have not put together a season, put a team together from players (including non-members) in your stake that may want to play and submit them for play in the tournament next year.  It will be well worth the short time it would take to do that…

-Next, we have our YM/YW Co-ed Soccer Tournament. This will be held during the week of September 29- 30, Oct. 1-2.  Pre-Tournament Meeting will be on September 20.

-Finally for 2015 our Men’s and YM Volleyball Tournament will be scheduled for November 3,4,5,10,11th with Pretournament meeting on Oct. 25.

– Women’s and YW Tournament will be November 14 with the Pre-Tournament Meeting on Nov. 8th.

We wish you all the best for your upcoming season, please let us know how we can be of assistance.